Tooth Colored Fillings

The natural way to stop decay

You may remember a day in the not-so-distant past when the only way your Rochester dentist could fill a cavity was with a metal filling that came with a glaring reminder every time you opened your mouth. Thankfully, today we can fight back against decay while preserving the integrity of your natural smile with tooth colored fillings.

Benefits of tooth colored fillings

The benefits of tooth colored fillings are numerous, and range from functional, to cosmetic, to health.

Functional benefits

Tooth colored fillings are stronger and more durable than metal fillings, so they will stand up to the test of time. Tooth colored resin is more resilient against changes in temperature that would cause metal fillings to expand and contract, compromising the health of the filling and the tooth.

Cosmetic benefits

Nobody likes a mouth full of metal. With tooth colored fillings, no one will ever need to know you’ve had a filling done. All you will see is your beautiful, natural smile.

Health benefits

There is a lot of evidence (although still some debate) indicating that the use of metal, specifically the use of trace amounts of mercury in metal fillings can be toxic to the human body. Tooth colored fillings are made out of a composite resin material that is safe and effective in filling cavities.

Filling cavities is essential to your oral health. Left untreated, tooth decay will progress and eventually cause tooth loss. Don’t wait for the problem to progress into more serious and more costly complications down the road. Filling cavities as soon as possible can help stop and prevent further decay, and restore your tooth to its full form and function.

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